Plättyn vaalikokous 22.11 klo 17:00 F254, Otakaari 3

Plättyn vaalikokouksessa valitaan Plättylle hallitus vuodelle 2017.
Tule paikalle seuraamaan ja osallistumaan!


The Plätty board for 2017 will be selected on Tuesday 12th of November at
17:00 (5pm). The election meeting will be held at restaurant Kvarkki, room
F254, Otakaari 3.

Since the official language of Plätty is Finnish, we have to require
Finnish skills from the head, financial secretary, secretary and informer.
But all feel free to volunteer as LST-correspondent or something else
(for example event coordinator). If you can’t participate to the meeting
but wish to volunteer, send us an e-mail