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What is Plätty?

Plätty (Eng. Pancake) is an organisation for students interested in biophysics and biomedical engineering. The name is abbreviation for “Polin lääketieteellisen tekniikan yhdistys” which loosely translates into Organisation of Biomedical Engineering in Polytechnic (university).

How to join

You can join Plätty by subscribing to our mailing list via this link, during any of our events, or by e-mail to ( platty [at] ). The events are held almost exclusively in English.

Contact us

If you want to contact the board, the best way to do it is via
an e-mail at platty [at]
Alternatively, you can contact our individual board members with

Puheenjohtaja Roni Hytönen
Sihteeri Arttu Lehtonen
Rahastonhoitaja Joonas Laitinen
Tiedottaja Nayoung Kang


Plätty gathers together all the persons who have interest in biophysics and biomedical engineering. It creates and maintains students’ relationships with teachers, industry and researchers. Plätty also takes care of students’ benefits and raises their knowledge about the field.


Plätty organises various events including speaker events and excursions to the industry and research departments of the field. The speaker events typically have some topical theme and professionals from industry and research are invited to give high quality and informative talks; also beverages and snacks are often served. Furthermore, Plätty organises excursions to the relevant research departments and companies from the industry.


The idea to establish new organisation for students interested in biophysics and biomedical engineering woke in the spring of 1993: the guild of Physics was getting too large and was unable to offer major-specific events and activity for the older students. The idea woke interest among students and got support from the department of biomedical engineering. Subsequently, Plätty was founded at  the autumn of 1993.


Plätty has approximately 250 members including students from physics, bioinformation technology, electrical engineering, chemistry etc. Plätty has also more rare beings as members such as medicine students and graduated students. As the healthcare needs professionals from various fields, Plätty upholds interdisciplinary.