Psychedelic LST­Sitsit

Life Science Technologies ­committee invites all LST master students and those otherwise
interested to join a psychedelic sitsit­party on Tuesday 8th of March at Otaranta club room.
This is a great opportunity to meet people from the other majors and to get to know the

The theme of the evening is inspiringly psychedelic, so dress code is colourful (as will the
food be). The sitsit will be held completely in English, so no Finnish skills are required.

The sitsit will be held at Otaranta club room (Otaranta 8b) at 18:00 and sign­up will be at­sitsit2016​
starting 29.2. at 12 noon and ending on
Sunday 6.3. at 23:59. The cost is 8 euros and will be paid with cash at the event.

LST committee is a newly found organization and consists of members from guilds of
Computer Science, Chemistry, Inkubio and Physics to represent and unite the students of
the LST programme.

What: Sitsit for Life Science Technologies students and otherwise interested
Where: Otaranta club room, Otaranta 8b
When: Tue 8.3. cocktail event at 18:00, sitsit at 18:30
Sign­up:­sitsit2016 until Sunday 6.3. 23:59
Cost: 8 euros
Dress code: Psychedelic colours
Language: English

Plättyn Ura- ja kesätyöilta maanantaina 8.2. Otakaari 3 Auditorio

Plättyn perinteinen ura- ja kesätyöilta järjestetään tänä vuonna maanantaina 8.2. klo 16.00 alkaen Teknillisen fysiikan laitoksella, Otakaari 3, auditoriossa F239a. Tapahtumassa lääketieteellisen tekniikan alan yritykset/laitokset esittelevät kesätyö- ja harjoittelupaikkamahdollisuuksia. Jos siis olet etsimässä kesätöitä tai esimerkiksi diplomityöpaikkaa, niin nyt on oiva tilaisuus saada kattava katsaus alan avoimista työpaikoista. Yrityksiä on myös pyydetty kertomaan toiminnastaan ja tarjoamistaan urapoluista yleisesti.

Tapahtuman varmistuneet esiintyjät:
– Aalto Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical engineering (NBE) klo 16-17
– KaVo Kerr Group
– Planmeca
– Philips
– Varian
– GE
– Stuk

Mukaan saa liittyä myöhemminkin, jos ei kello neljäksi ehdi.
Tapahtumassa tarjolla plättymäiseen tapaan pientä purtavaa! Tarjoilujen mitoittamiseksi olisi suotavaa, että klikkaisit osallistuvasi tapahtumaan tästä mikäli aiot tulla paikalle. Vinkkaa myös kavereille!

Excursion to HUS Medical Imaging Center 10.12. klo 14:00

Plätty organizes this year’s fourth and last excursion to HUS Medical Imaging Center Department of Radiology. Medical imaging experts will shows us demonstrations about MRI and medical image processing and analysis.

Location: Meilahti Hospital Haartmaninkatu 4, Helsinki
Time: Thursday 10.12. 14:00
Sign up:
More info about the excursion will be sent to participants

Information about HUS Medical Imaging Center:

”The HUS Medical Imaging Center is a leading provider of medical imaging, physiological and neurophysiological examinations, procedures and expert services, and of medical engineering expert services in Finland.

The HUS Medical Imaging Center is a municipal business enterprise responsible at the national level for various examinations requiring special expertise and technology, and for the research and teaching for which the university hospital is responsible.”

Biomedical Bistro on Thursday 19.11.

Plätty organizes every year an event called Biomedical Bistro. Theme of the event changes from year to year; in previous years we have had, for example, nice talks about biomedical product design and presentations from biomedical engineering start-ups. This year Biomedical Bistro is all about students!

Theme of the Biomedical Bistro is this year: ”presentations from students to students”. Have an upcoming Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis seminar? Do you have some interesting topic from which you just can’t keep talking about?

Now it’s your time to practice your Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis presentation in front of real-life audience or just give a presentation about a topic you are interested in (preferably something Biomedical Engineering or some other Life Science related) and practice your presentation skills. The idea of the event is that you can have a presentation in informal setting and hone your presentation skills while the audience can learn something new.

The event will be very informal and the aim is to have fun and socialize a little bit while getting to know each other better — no exaggerated quiet sitting. To make things even more fun, Plätty will serve (good) food and the sauna will also be available!

Check out the Facebook-page of the event for further information and confirmed speakers:
We kindly wish you to join the FB-event if you are participating; in this way we know for how many people food must be served. If you want to present something please contact one of the board members of Plätty (, for example).